Our gallery is an ever-changing exhibit of selected work from artists who recognize the intrinsic connection between art and healing. While most of the works on this site are for exhibit only, some of the artists have links to their personal websites where you may contact them directly for sales or employment opportunities. To have your work considered for inclusion in the gallery, please read our submission guidelines for further details.

          visual arts 

mixed media * digital art * painting/drawing * photography * installation art


         literary arts 
    poetry* short stories painting/drawing * photography * installatio

n art

    performing arts 

dance* music * theater painting/drawing * photography

* installation art

    decorative arts 

sculpture * paper * textile * glass * pottery/ceramics




Due to the nature of the themes that we cover and the issues that we address, some of the artwork displayed may be explicit, disturbing, and potentially triggering for some people.
Arte Sana is not affiliated not necessarily endorses any artist featured on this site.
Arte Sana is not responsible for the content of an individual's work or related site.
The artwork featured on this site does not necessarily reflect our views, we simply provide the forum as an exercise of freedom of speech and to promote a dialogue and search for solutions for gender and racial violence. 



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