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Dear friends and allies of Arte Sana:
Due to the nature of Arte Sana's national scope, and its current transition phase, and the rejection of a recent grant application to Raliance for a national Spanish language training project for sexual assault advocates, Arte Sana will be functioning without grant funds for most of 2017. This will not be the first survival experience without grant funds for Arte Sana since its inception in 2001, so the work of Latinx victim advocacy, bilingual training, and TA will continue.

We will continue to survive through training honorariums paid directly to Arte Sana, Spanish language training webinars, and the next Nuestras Voces National Bilingual Sexual Assault Conference.

How YOU can help:

As a leader in Spanish language training and outreach for over 15 years, Arte Sana needs your support to respond to the growing needs, and to help engage marginalized communities as partners in victim outreach and sexual violence prevention.

  • Contract with Arte Sana for a workshop or half-day session (in English or Spanish) at your next Latinx outreach training event. Complete a Speaker Request Form.

  • Support the Nuestras Voces conference scholarship fund to support the attendance of more bilingual presenters, advocates, promotoras, and allies.
  • Arte Sana Support Options

    Any of the following donation support will help Arte Sana fulfill its commitments without grant funding.

  • $15 YSM webinar materials
  • $25 Nuestras Voces Support
  • $30 Corazón Healing Heart exhibit
  • $45 YSM webinar series materials
  • $50 Nuestras Voces Support
  • $100 Nuestras Voces Support
  • $ Other operational Support
  • Learn more about Arte Sana's efforts!

    Arte Sana's 10-year Anniversary Timeline

    Appreciation Gift Options
    for donations of $100 or more:

    Receive or gift either a teal or fuchsia color original design Luna/Sol tote bag and include a name or agency to be listed in the #NuestrasVoces2017 conference booklet. In Spanish el sol is a masculine noun and la luna is a feminine noun. The orginal Luna/Sol design honors pre-Columbian concepts of gender and cosmic dualism, non-binary gender expression, and the fact that sexual violence affects us all.

    The design's slogan "Advocacy + Prevention Sin Fronteras" reaffirms that victim rights are human rights regardless of residency or residency status and that ALL should be engaged as agents of change in order to prevent sexual violence.

    Donate via Paypal / credit card or check.

    Donations made by check should be made out to Arte Sana and mailed to the following address with a pay reference.

    Arte Sana
    PO Box 1334
    Dripping Springs, Texas 78620

    After your donation please email Arte Sana for a receipt or to notify of a specific recognition name to be included in event publications:

    If your donation amount is $100 or more, please also let us know what color tote bag you prefer to receive as an appreciation gift.

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