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Working Without Borders
With this section Arte Sana hopes to provide information that will help build bridges between underserved survivors and violence prevention advocates. A significant portion of the information that will be shared in this section will focus on creative strategies that incorporate the arts as vehicles of expression and reflection on violence issues. Since we believe that prevention can only be achieved with full community participation; a lot of the material shared will focus on eliminating program and leadership barriers within the fields, promoting promising practices, as well as the latest research information on underserved survivors. 
In order to provide a much-needed Spanish language information resource to Latina violence prevention advocates and survivors, the Spanish language side will include a comprehensive collection of direct service materials and research documents on gender violence. Through the Capacitadoras en Acción cooperation with Latinas from throughout the U.S. and Latin America, the Spanish language side of the website will serve as an interactive collaboration vehicle by which information and program development ideas may be shared among Latinas sin fronteras (without borders). We are grateful to all of the Latinas who have contributed and will continue to contribute their work to this section, and we are truly honored to be a part of this new cyber- activist experience.

Sex Worker Rights: The 'Em' of Empowerment Spring 1998

Migration & Sex Industry: The Plight of Migrant Women Spring 1998

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Are Chicanos the same as Mexicans? - A Taxonomy Spring 2003

Latinas: The Unheard Survivors Winter 2003

Rape Shield Laws in the U.S. (summary chart) pdf Summer 2003
Rape Statutes in the U.S. (summary chart) pdf Summer 2003  
Incest Laws in the U.S. (list of text of laws) 11/03 pdf Winter 2003

Rape is "Normal"  Fall 2002
20 Years of Pimp Glorification Summer 2003
Minorities Get Inferior Care, Even if Insured, Study Finds Spring 2003
Social Worker Burnout Studied  Fall 2003
¿Se Habla Español? - Accessibility of Services for Spanish-Speaking Clients at Domestic Violence Agencies pdf Winter 2003
The Plight of Black Battered Women 1995
Mandatory Arrest for Domestic Violence: A Universal Solution? 1997
Common Stereotypes of African American Women Spring 2000
Mammy Sapphire Jezebel and Their Sisters Spring 2000
The Newest Siblings: Cassandra Spring 2000
Poor Black Female = Cheap Lives Winter 2001
Building Bridges: A Column to Promote Cultural Competency Spring 2001
Breaking the Silence on Sexual Harassment and Assault Spring 2002
Prostitution, Violence Against Women, and Posttraumatic Stress Disorder - Melissa Farley, PhD and Howard Barkan, DrPH 1998
Cultural Holiday Offers Opportunity To Reflect On Our Need For Commemoration on 9/11 Fall 2001
9/11 ANNIVERSARY REACTIONS: An interview with. Frank Ochberg, M.D. Spring 2002
Agencies Seek New Approach To Victims Of Sexual Trafficking Summer 2002

Anniversary Reactions: A Survivors Guide on How to Cope 2002

Helping a Person Who is Suicidal 2002

Cultivating Resiliency in Youth (Gift From Within Website) Winter 2002
Incest : A feminist core issue that needs re-politizising Winter 2003

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