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Arte Sana In Action

Cumulative of Arte Sana's activities for the years:
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"Las Relaciones y la Sexualidad Sana" LifeSkills Class. SafePlace (Austin) in Spanish.
"Violence Against Latinas" Esperanza Southeast Regional Training (Tennessee).
"Popular Education and Sexual Autonomy for Prevention" Texas Association Against Sexual Assault (TAASA) Annual Conference (Austin).
"The Consequences of Blaming Immigrans for Everything" MAFO Conference (San Antonio).

"Abuso Sexual Infantil" ESL, Even Start Group (Laredo) in Spanish.

"Possible Indicators of Child Sexual Abuse" Child Abuse Prevention Conference, Children's Advocacy Center of Laredo-Webb County.
All-day training on sexual assault for Mujeres Unidas/Women Together (Harlingen) in Spanish.

"Cultural Considerations for Addressing the Needs of Male Sexual Assault Survivors" Center of Excellence for Health Professions Development, South Texas College.


Girl Empowerment Festival Workshops (El Paso).


Latina Institute for the Florida Coalition Against Domestic Violence "Los posibles Indicadores del abuso sexual infantil" Casa Misericordia in Spanish.

"The Needs of Immigrant Survivors" for Bridge Over Trouble Waters (Houston).

"Víctimas Sin Fronteras" South Texas Promotora Association (McAllen) in Spanish.


"Your SPACE and the Girl Empowerment Festivals" and "Modelos para la prevención del acoso sexual y el acecho" at the National Sexual Assault Conference (Virginia) in Spanish.

"Sexting" Latinos Against Domestic Violence LADV Conference (Dallas).
"La cultura de violación, las canciones y el empoderamiento" Casa Misericordia (Laredo) in Spanish.
"Sexting" Webb County Coalition Domestic Violence Conference (Laredo).

"Girl Empowerment Sexual Harassment, Stalking, Rape" SunShine Camp Group (Austin).

"Gender Respect," Jeanne Meurer Intermediate Sanction Center (Austin).

"Healthy Relationships," Jeanne Meurer Intermediate Sanction Center (Austin).

"Las Relaciones Sanas" Jeanne Meurer Intermediate Sanction Center (Austin) in Spanish.

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