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Arte Sana In Action

Cumulative of Arte Sana's activities for the years:
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"El Acoso Sexual y El Acecho" El Buen Samaritano Sexual harassment (Austin) in Spanish.

"Gender Respect" Americas High School (El Paso) in Spanish.

"Hombres Sobrevivientes del Asalto Sexual" ESL Classes (Harlingen) in Spanish.

"Prevention of Violence Against Girls" Socorro ISD Parent Liaisons (El Paso).
"Gender Respect" (5 sessions) at Gardner Betts Juvenile Justice Center (Austin).
"La violencia sexual contra los muchachos" Hidalgo County NINO's Head Start Fatherhood Conference (McAllen) in Spanish.
"La violencia sexual" Las Americas Immigrant Center (El Paso) in Spanish.
"Addressing Stalking with Spanish-Speaking Audiences" Texas Association Against Sexual Assault (TAASA) annual conference (Dallas).
"From iTunes to Ringtones: The Power of Songs in Prevention" TAASA conference.

"The Latin@ Connection: The power of cultura in sexual assault prevention and intervention" TAASA conference.

"Healthy Relationships" (5 sessions) at Gardner Betts Juvenile Justice Center (Austin).

"Gender Respect" Latinitas after-school program (Austin) in Spanish.


"Seguridad en Internet" & "El alcohol y la violencia contra las mujeres" South Texas Colonia Iniciative (Corpus Christi) in Spanish.

"El acoso sexual escolar" Iglesia El Shaddai (Austin) in Spanish.
"Addressing Rape Culture en Español" Sex Trafficking Conference South Texas College.

6-hour training on sexual assault issues Mujeres Unidas (McAllen) in Spanish.

"Hidden Sexual Violence: When Boys and Men are Victims" Family Crisis Center (Harlingen).

"Hidden Sexual Violence: When Boys and Men are Victims" NINO's Head Start (Harlingen).

"Gender Respect" Latinitas after-school program (Austin).

"El Acoso Sexual" SafePlace (Austin) in Spanish.

"El Acoso Sexual y el Acecho" Casa Marienella (Austin) in Spanish.

"Hidden Sexual Violence: When Boys and Men are Victims" All Souls Unitarian Universalist Church (Brownsville).


"Pathways Sin Fronteras" keynote address for the Washington Coalition of Sexual Assault Programs (WCSAP) annual conference.

"Hidden Sexual Violence: When Boys and Men are Victims" Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service (Harlingen) in Spanish.

All-day training on sexual assault and healthy relationships Wintergarden Women's Shelter (Eagle Pass) in Spanish.

6 Gender-specific sessions on "Healthy Relationships" Crystal City High School.

Arte Sana's 3 rt Girl Empowerment Festival (El Paso) Bilingual.

"Hidden Sexual Violence: When Boys and Men are Victims" Casa Marienella (Austin) in Spanish.


"La recuperación después de la violencia sexual" South TX Family Support Conference (Laredo) in Spanish.

"La Prevención del acoso sexual" Iglesia el Shaddai (Austin) in Spanish.

Arte Sana's "Nuestras Voces: Collaboration and Transformation en la Comunidad" national conference (San Antonio).


"Intimate Partner Sexual Assault" Latinos Against Domestic Violence Conference (Dallas).


"Los Noviazgos Sanos" Gateway Community Health Center Promotores (Laredo) in Spanish.

"Cultural Considerations for Addressing the Needs of Sexual Assault Survivors" Center of Excellence for Health Professions Development, South Texas College (McAllen).

"From iTunes to Ringtones: Songs in Prevention" ChildSafe annual conference (San Antonio).

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