Nuestras Voces Conference 2008

On August 18th and 19th Arte Sana hosted "NUESTRAS VOCES / OUR VOICES: Collaboration and Transformation en la Comunidad.” The goals of this two-day capacity-building event included: eliminating victim service barriers and engaging our communities as active partners in prevention, risk reduction and advocacy efforts. The conference also aimed to improve outreach to marginalized Latina@ victims of sexual and intimate partner violence, and to help build effective connections with Latin@ communities at large.

Latina Victim Outreach Project in Texas

The latest U.S. Census figures project that by the year 2025 the nation's Latina/o population will grow to 61 million. Of this number, it is estimated that over 13 million will reside in Texas. Since its inception in 2001, Arte Sana has continued to focus on the development of outreach materials and services that are culturally competent and linguistically appropriate to this growing population. Thanks to the support of many collaborative partners, Arte Sana's first VAWA-funded Latina Victim Outreach Project was a great success. Through continued funding of this project, Arte Sana looks forward to building partnerships with agencies across Texas to eliminate access barriers for Latina victims of violence against women.

An Urgent Call to Action on Behalf of Latinas

In this country, there is a serious crisis revolving around Latina victim advocates working in the anti-violence movement. More and more Latino/a communities suffer from a lack of bilingual and bicultural direct service staff, trainers, and volunteers. Developed by Latina victim advocates during Sexual Assault Awareness Month, this new position statement reveals some of the real-life exploitative experiences suffered by both Latina survivors and victim advocates across the nation. It also offers some concrete steps for retaining their services and expertise.

Article: Anti-Rape Movement without Latinas

While Latinas have made some inroads in the anti-domestic violence movement, they continue to have less presence and limited leadership roles as sexual assault victim advocates. The search for resources showed that often one Latina will serve as the sole bilingual staff, expected to tend to every Spanish-speaking victim in a center’s coverage area, while also providing ongoing translation services without any additional compensation. This over-extension and lack of validation, combined with the not-so-subtle tokenism in some cases, has contributed to a revolving door for Latina victim advocates. This article validates the need for Latinas in anti-rape movement.

Sexual Assault Survivor Resources in Spanish

Due to the many requests for service information from Latina survivors, Arte Sana decided to compile a list of sexual assault victim services available in Spanish across the nation. The aim was to create a simple information access route for Latina/o victims of sexual assault who prefer or require services in Spanish. Also, the Spanish language resource cards (pictured left) are no longer available.






An ongoing review of popular culture with violence prevention potential. This section includes the empowering songs section. 


Arte Sana Recognition for Border Initiatives

As a Latina-led training and advocacy non-profit based in Texas, Arte Sana has sought to empower the participation of Latinas and Latinos in the prevention of violence against women, especially along the Texas-Mexico border. Arte Sana has been recognized both within the U.S. and Mexico for its efforts. Read more.




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